Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My First Scrapbook Page Ever -- Brotherly Love

I made my first scrapbook page several years ago.  I was working part-time and at home during the afternoons with my twins.  Nearly every day I watched a show on HGTV called DIY Scrapbooking with Sandi Genovese.  I loved the show!  I would get on-line and see some of the featured layouts, as well as ones that didn't make it onto the show, but were provided nonetheless. This page evolved from one of those layouts.  Believe me, hers was more refined.  But I liked the implied simplicity of it as well.  I sketched the general layout and placed it in a folder and there it sat for about two or three years.  At that point I had accumulated some supplies and cardstock.  I had an adorable pic of my boys taken on the day they came home from the hospital and it had been sitting in a frame on my desk.  I thought back to this layout and thought that it was perfect for it.  

How I did it:

Using a die-cut frame ( Embossed Die-Cut Paper Frames from K&Company) 

I severely cropped my photo so that only their faces (the main focus) fit inside the frame.  

Glue Dots are my absolute favorite adhesive.  They come in different sizes and in permanent and removable varieties and I would be lost without them. 

I generally place a dot in each corner (and maybe one right in the middle) and that provides more than enough holding power.  I used a bit of green floral wire bent into a rough angle and glue-dotted the two loose ends under the frame.  The effect reminded me of the wires that were exposed from every portrait hanging on the walls of my grandparents' home.  A copper square brad acted as a tack. Placing the frame at a jaunty angle added a little more personality to the project. 

The cardstock (12x12) (and I apologize - I generally don't keep notes regarding the artist/maker/company of my supplies) was a very understated, almost watermarked-styled, paper.  Just enough color and graphics to stand out, but without having so much that it would take away from the impact of the photo.  

For the title "Brotherly Love," I used italic-fonted black alpha stickers.  Looking back after all these years, I see that title is the weakest part of the entire layout.  I wish I had used something that used up the space a bit better, or complemented the frame a bit more.  I didn't place the letters very evenly, nor are they spaced appropriately.

Journaling has always been the hardest part for me.  I keep a private journal and I blog, but I find it hard to combine the two.  My thoughts about my boys tend to be very personal and I know that my scrapping albums will be seen by more than just me, so I tend to "over-think" what I write.  In the pages to come, you'll see that my journaling is usually kept to a minimum.  This page probably has the most I have done to date.

I typed it and printed the entry on textured bond paper.  I used a denim blue font color to match the matting I placed behind it to make it pop a bit.

Now -- this is no masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but it was a great start.  All in all, it took approximately 20 minutes to create.  Really.  That's all.  Most of that time was me sitting down trying to journal the page.  I went through several edits and experiments with papers, fonts and colors.

Who doesn't have 20 minutes?  Really?  When you are pressed for time, it is important to keep it simple.  Forget making distressed flowers or accordioned borders.  Let your photo speak for itself.  Use cardstock that has a design already on it in order to minimize the need for embellishments.  Keep to a single color template so you don't have to worry about finding complementary accents.  Don't stress about the journaling (like I did).   

Give it a try and let me know how it turned out.  Send me a photo of your results and I'll post it.  Let's share and scrap together!
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  1. I love the page... Isn't it fun to see how we have progressed through the scrapping years?

  2. Oh.. and you can add my blog to your blog :)